Green Pastures Child Centre is just next to the Lutheran Church of Our Redeemer (LCOR).  

Located in a leafy green residential area, some seven minutes walk from the Botanic Gardens (Cluny Road entrance), Green Pastures has a special feature – a large sandpit playground – where children enjoy playing in as sandpits are no longer as commonly found in Singapore as they were several years ago.

This conducive and supportive environment facilitates children’s learning and development in the social, physical, intellectual, creative, emotional and moral domains.



Green Pastures (GP) was formed in Jan 1984 by a group of God-loving and devoted parents – including Dr and Mrs Leong Seng Kee and the late Mr Ng Ek Khiam – for the sole purpose of reaching out and providing a church-based childcare to the families living in the neighbourhood.

GP is registered under the MCYS (Ministry of Community Development Youth and Sports) as a child care center. This means that GP is required to provide services from 7 am to 7 pm, Mondays to Fridays, with no school holiday breaks, unlike kindergartens which are registered under MOE (Ministry of Education).  The continuous teaching session allows the children to enjoy a more balanced play and homework time as our teachers have sufficient time to cover the curriculum.

What childcare services do we provide?

GP takes in children from ages 18 months to 6 years. As one of the most affordable childcare center in the Bukit Timah area and with low staff attrition rate, GP attracts both Christian and non-Christian parents as the church-based center is seen to be better at instilling moral values. Currently, 25% of our students are Japanese.

Our daily routine consists of lessons, outdoor play, reading/ story time in the mornings, and computer, arts & craft, cooking, and Chinese reading programs in the afternoons. On Wednesdays, we have the weekly Bible story lessons. We also conduct regular field trips for both parents and children.

In May and November, we have ‘meet-the-parents’ sessions where we update parents on the progress of their children. And every year, our highlight is the GP Annual Concert held in the LCOR main sanctuary where the children excitedly don special costumes and joyfully perform song and dance items.

What are the initiatives made to enhance childcare services?

In recent years, the principals of the six Lutheran kindergartens and childcare centers met up more regularly to share experiences and learn innovative methods in early childhood education with a Lutheran distinctive. We have been working closely together to develop an LCS childcare handbook with a common vision, mission, and identity.

Come and meet the long-serving staff!

GP is blessed to be staffed by a team of dedicated teachers and support staff.  Mrs Chia is our longest staff, having joined in 1984, followed by our Principal Mrs Grace Lu who joined in 1985 and became the Principal in 1987. Mdm Tee Beng Choo, who dishes out healthy and tasty food for our children, has been serving for 25 years. And Ms Alison Kee, who joined in 2001, is now in her 16th year as a childcare teacher.


If you’d like to have your children nurtured in Green Pastures, please contact our Principal for a familiarization tour.

Address: 28 Duke’s Road, Singapore 268910
Telephone : +(65) 6467 2380
Fax : +(65) 6466 4797
Contact : Mrs Grace Lu, Principal
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