Children’s Ministry at Lutheran Church of Our Redeemer 

The Children’s Ministry at Redeemer accompanies and guides children in the journey of faith to know God and enter into His presence.

Building relationships takes priority over programs and activities.  Through an integrative approach, our Children’s Ministry involves the entire church body in nurturing our young members in a cross-generational and cross-cultural family unified by the Cross of Christ.

Our children are lovingly served by a dedicated group of teachers and volunteers who develop and deliver creative weekly lessons.  In addition to the weekly classes and Confirmation classes, we have Children’s Sermons on the 2nd and 4th Sundays of each month.  There are many other special events throughout the year, including the Annual Easter Egg Hunt, the Children’s Day in the Garden, Family Night, and Kids’ Camp. 

Weekly Sunday School Classes

Weekly classes are offered at both our 9 a.m. Liturgical Service (“1st Service”) and 11.15 a.m. Contemporary Service (“2nd Service”).

A class of happy Sunday School children learning valuable life lessons from their favourite teacher, Mr Lim.


9 a.m. Classes (for those attending the 1st Service)

We have three Sunday School classes: Toddlers, Pre-School, and Primary School.

Toddlers Class (1-3 year old)

Time: 9am while the parents attend the 9am – 10am 1st Service Worship. Held every odd Sunday of the month when there is no Children’s Sermon.
Current teachers: Emily Gribnau and Andrea Chiu. Books used: Pray & Play Bible Volumes 1 and 2, and Read-Aloud Bible Stories Volume 1 and 2. The Bible stories are told in simple language with vibrant pictures and sometimes toys/ props are used to detail the story. This is followed by a corresponding colouring page and/or a craft or other activity that applies to the story. The class also sings songs and listens to children’s Christian music. Structured time is kept brief as the toddlers’ attention span is short. The class rounds off with playdoh sessions and the creation story is usually used as the children love it very much.   

Preschool Class (4-8 year old)

Time: 9am while the parents attend the 9am – 10am 1st Service Worship. Held every odd Sunday of the month when there is no Children’s Sermon.
Current teachers: Wooi Boon and Charlotte (5th Sunday). Books used: Get Wisdom by Ruth Younts; Concordia (Growing in Christ) series for Lower Elementary. The current focus is on the book of Get Wisdom where there are 23 lessons on various wise attributes or behaviour to adopt in Christian living such as Patience, Mercy, Gratitude, etc. The class covers one attribute per lesson. The lesson usually consists of an opening prayer, discussion about the meaning of the attribute, a Bible story (character) related to the attribute, craftwork related to the lesson, and a closing prayer. The children collect all the 23 attributes picture cards in a handy booklet which makes it a joy for them to flip through to review the lessons taught.

Primary School Class (6-12 year old)

Time: The P1-P6 children join the 9 am Worship Service with their parents. After they have participated in the Communion service, they will go straight to their Sunday School class on Level 2.  The class ends at 11 am so parents can join the Tea Fellowship on Level 3 while they wait for their children.
Current teachers: Georgia Teng and Alex who takes two consecutive classes each month. Wooi Boon and Peng Chye cover on the months with 5 Sundays. Books and resources used: The Stranger on the Road to Emmaus by John Cross; ShareFaith website. The 20 lessons are based on stories from the Old and New Testaments. Beginning with the creation story, it progresses into the OT stories of Noah, Abraham and Moses, and moves into the NT to reveal the meaning of the cross and tomb. The lessons are accompanied with simple handouts that aid in conveying across the message.     

11 a.m. Classes (for those attending the 2nd Service)

Sunday School starts at 11 am each Sunday. Classes are available for Toddlers, Pre-School, Lower Primary, and Upper Primary.

If you’d like to send your children to Children’s Ministry, or you’d like to teach, please contact us and we’d get right back to you.

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