Amidst the absence of traffic and human footfall during the covid19 lockdown, the excited chatter of birds could be heard along the quiet tree-lined street as LCOR turned 60 on 7 March 2020.

While we had to suspend our in-person 60th-anniversary celebration for now, we still rejoice with much thanksgiving and desire to celebrate our heritage and the years of grace that have been bestowed on us.

Here’s a walk back to the past full of God’s goodness, love and joy!



1. https://youtu.be/1drybgIbvSc
In this short four minute trailer, Ps Nelson and his wife Betty Lou retraces the 35 years of their ministry with LCOR, QLC, JCC and BLC. They share their joys and experiences over four video interviews which will be released in the successive weeks of 20 June 2020.

2. https://youtu.be/fNM4NnV70I4
This is Part 1 of a four part video series that traces the ministry of Ps Nelson and Betty Lou in the pioneering years of LCOR, QLC, JCC and BLC over 35 years of faithful service. In this video, Ps Nelson and Betty Lou recalls memories from the early days of LCOR – floods, snakes and bulgur wheat.



Amy Toh has interviewed several church members and put together a lovely selection of recipes. As some of you are baking and cooking more at home now, the 60th Anniversary Committee thought this would be a good time to start sharing these recipes. A big “thank you” to Amy for her labor of love!

1. We will start with two from Mrs Nelson – Betty Lou’s Sticky Buns and Brownies!

2. The next two recipes are from Mabel and Rosanna.

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