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Installation of Bishop Kee and Executive Council


Above image: (L) Bishop Aaron Yap, Lutheran Church in Malaysia; (M) Bishop Terry Kee, Lutheran Church in Singapore; (R) Mrs Sally Kee

In a memorable worship service on the afternoon of Saturday, 22nd July 2017, the Lutheran Church in Singapore (LCS) rejoiced and gave thanks to God for the installation of Rev. Terry Kee for his third term of four years as Bishop of LCS.

Mrs Sally Kee, Bishop’s wife, was also warmly appreciated for her role and was joyfully presented with a beautiful bouquet of flowers.

During the service, Bishop Kee also installed the Executive Council elected during the 20th May Annual General Meeting.


I’d be there!

Notwithstanding his tight schedule and an unexpected flight delay caused by a flash accident when a tow truck knocked into his plane at the Kuala Lumpur airport tarmac, Bishop Aaron Yap of the Lutheran Church in Malaysia arrived in time to officiate Bishop Kee’s installation. 

Also joyfully present were Bishop Rennis Ponniah of the Anglican Diocese of Singapore and Rev. Dr Clement Chia, the Principal of Singapore Bible College.

While acknowledging Bishop Kee’s significant contributions to the Christian community and also the interfaith relations in Singapore, Bishop Ponniah also highlighted the threats to Christianity from various quarters. 


Bishop Kee’s Message

In his sermon, Bishop Kee expressed concern and exhorted the church to take heed of three areas:

  1. Growing Leaders in Ministry.  Bishop Kee is prayerful that church identifies younger people to join the ministry and lead congregations as aging will result in over 56% of the present 23 pastors in LCS retiring over the next five to 10 years (six within the next five years; seven over the next six to 10 years).  
  2. Growing Faith of our Next Generation.  Bishop Kee stressed the need to nurture our children and children’s children faith in the Lord. Taking the lead on this would be the parents who are the natural role models and spiritual mentors to their children.  Families are encouraged to worship together as a family, and congregations are also encouraged to use the church resources (such as “Growing Faith at Home” and “Growing as God’s People“) to engage their family in spiritual conversations and prayer.                                                      
  3. Growing as Witnesses to the Gospel.  Bishop Kee drew attention to Romans 1:16 – “I am not ashamed of the Gospel for it is the power of God unto salvation to those who believe.” He is prayerful that all pastors and leaders of church will do whatever we can to ensure that we remain true to this faith and every member do whatever we can so that others may also ‘come to believe that Jesus is the Messiah, the Son of God’, and that by believing God has indeed blessed us so that we may be a blessing in both Singapore and beyond.  

To God be all glory.

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