Hungry For Missions? Get fed here - the 2018 LCOR Kairos Course!

Are you seeking an active and meaningful participation in Missions?

If you are, join the 2018 LCOR Kairos Course! You will discover answers to all your hungry questions on how to get an active and meaningful Missions life! This nine-session interactive Kairos Course on World Christian Mission will equip you fully as it looks at the four main areas of missions concern: Biblical, Historical, Strategic and Cultural.

Click here for details and to register today! Don’t wait! Only 40 seats!!

10 June 2018 - ONE English Worship Service at 9 am

Please note there will be no English Contemporary Service on 10 June 2018 as the congregation will be away on their retreat. There will only be the English Liturgical Worship service at 9 am.